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Terms of Use

Terms of Use for RIKEN GENESIS Online Store

1.Scope of Application

RIKEN GENESIS Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, “RIKEN GENESIS”) is engaged in the online sales (hereinafter, “this service”) of the products (hereinafter, “products”) listed on the RIKEN GENESIS Website (hereinafter, “this site”). These Terms of Use shall be applicable to the Sales Contract (hereinafter, “this sales contract”) formed between RIKEN GENESIS and customers who use this service to purchase products on this site (hereinafter, “customers”). Please check these Terms of Use prior to using this service. Please be aware that customers who use this service shall be considered to have agreed to these Terms of Use.

2. Individual Regulations

(1) In addition to the conditions set out in these Terms of Use, special conditions stipulated for individual products sold by RIKEN GENESIS and published on this site on the web pages for those products (hereinafter, “special conditions”) shall also apply to this sales contract.
(2) In the event of a discrepancy between the content of such special conditions and these Terms of Use, the special conditions shall take precedence.

3. Membership Registration and Management of Member ID and Password

(1) Customers who use this service must register as members on this site.
(2) Customers will be considered to have agreed to these Terms of Use when registering as members.。
(3) RIKEN GENESIS shall issue customers who have registered as members with a member ID and password. RIKEN GENESIS accepts no responsibility for any damage due to the handover or loan of member IDs and passwords to a third party.
(4) RIKEN GENESIS may revoke a member ID for reasons such as existing business dealings with a customer.

4. Establishment of this Sales Contract

(1) This sales contract shall be established when a customer submits an application to purchase (order) a product (hereinafter, “order”) by the method set out in Article 5 of these Terms of Use, and this order is approved by RIKEN GENESIS. An order shall be considered to have been approved by RIKEN GNESIS at the point at which the official ordering procedures set out in paragraph (3) of this article have been completed.
(2) RIKEN GENESIS may not fulfill an order from a customer for reasons such as existing business dealings with the customer or the fact that the product that has been ordered is out of stock.
(3) "The point at which the official ordering procedures have been completed" prescribed in paragraph (1) of this Article shall be the points prescribed below in accordance with the various methods of payment prescribed in Article 6 of these Terms of Use.
・If payment by credit card is used as prescribed in Article 6 of these Terms of Use, it is the point at which authorization is received from the credit card company.
・If payment by bank transfer is used as provided for in Article 6 of these terms of Use, it is the point at which RIKEN GENESIS has notified the customer of the account into which the transfer is to be made, as provided in that Article.
Should a customer wish to do business through an agent, the sale shall be made by that agent and the articles in these Terms of Use concerning sales shall not apply.

5. Methods of Ordering, Pricing, and Cancellations

(1) Orders for products shall be placed by means of the customer inputting the content of the order on the designated page of this site, and sending it online to RIKEN GENESIS over the Internet.
(2) Prices of products shall be the amounts displayed on the Order Confirmation page at the point at which the customer placed the order.
(3) When ordering, the customer must input the required information, including the delivery address for the product and the customer's name, address, telephone number, E-mail address, credit card number, etc.
(4) The customer may change or cancel their order during the period between the start and finish of the official ordering process. In this case, they must notify RIKEN GENESIS of their wish to change or cancel their order.

6. Methods of Payment

(1) Payment for products may be made by either of the methods below.
・Single payment by credit card
If the customer chooses to pay by credit card, this payment shall be in accordance with the terms of membership of the credit card company used to make the payment. In the event of any dispute between the customer and the credit card company, recovery agency, or other party, with respect to obligations other than the cost of the product, this shall be resolved between the customer and the credit card company or other company concerned.
・Bank transfer
If the customer chooses to pay by bank transfer, RIKEN GENESIS shall notify the customer of the account into which the transfer is to be made, and customers are requested to transfer the cost into this account within 7 days of the date of notification by RIKEN GENESIS. Bank transaction charges are to be paid by the customer.

7. Dispatch of products

(1) If a product is in stock, it will be dispatched within approximately 8 business days from the date on which the transaction is approved by the credit card company in the case of payment by credit card, or from the date on which payment is received into the RIKEN GENESIS bank account in the case of payment by bank transfer ("business days" refers to days other than Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, year-end and New Year's holidays, summer holidays, and other days on which RIKEN GENESIS is closed).
(2) If a product is not in stock, it may take between 2 weeks and 2 months from the date of the sales contract until it is dispatched.

8. Exchanges due to Breakage or Contamination

(1) RIKEN GENESIS makes every effort to check the quality of its products, but in the event that a product has been damaged or contaminated, RIKEN GENESIS shall replace it with an undamaged or otherwise unharmed product, excluding those products prescribed in paragraph (3) of this Article.
(2) Customers wishing to exchange products as provided for in paragraph (1) of this Article shall inform RIKEN GENESIS within 8 days of product delivery, and shall return the product concerned to the address specified by RIKEN GENESIS in a timely manner.
(3) Please be aware that the following products cannot be exchanged under the provisions of the regulations in this Article.
・Products that have been damaged or contaminated for reasons that are not attributable to RIKEN GENESIS
・Products for which 9 or more days have passed without the customer completing the online exchange procedure

9. Limitations of Liability, Etc.

(1) RIKEN GENESIS shall endeavor to revise the content of this site to ensure that it is always accurate, but is unable to take responsibility for the accuracy of the content of this site, with the exception of deliberate or gross negligence on the part of RIKEN GENESIS or circumstances specifically prescribed by law.
(2) The responsibility for a product borne by RIKEN GENESIS shall be limited to the cost of that product, with the exception of deliberate or gross negligence on the part of RIKEN GENESIS.

10. Other

(1) The RIKEN GENESIS Privacy Policy shall apply to the handling of personal information.
(2) This sales contract conforms to Japanese law.


RIKEN GENESIS Co., Ltd. handles personal information in an appropriate manner, recognizing that it has a social obligation to protect such personal information, and has formulated a privacy policy and in-house regulations with respect to the protection of personal information. Under these regulations, RIKEN GENESIS will manage both personal information entrusted to the company by customers and personal information obtained by the company itself on the basis of the "Principles of Handling Personal Information at RIKEN GENESIS."

Privacy Policy

1. We place a high value on individual dignity and will strive to protect the personal information handled by RIKEN GENESIS in accordance with our in-house regulations, in compliance with legislation, national government guidelines, other standards in regard to personal information, and social norms.

2. We will obtain, utilize, and provide personal information by fair and legal means, and will put in place practical measures to ensure it is not used for anything other than its intended purpose.

3. We are highly aware of the risks of illicit access, loss, damage, falsification, and unauthorized disclosure of personal information handled by RIKEN GENESIS, and will both put in place necessary and rational safety measures to prevent this, and respond appropriately and swiftly to correct any problems that may arise.

4. We will establish a contact point for inquiries regarding the personal information handled by RIKEN GENESIS, respond sincerely with any complaints or issues raised by customers, and deal with them appropriately and in a timely manner.

5. We will establish and implement a management system for the protection of personal information, and engage in its continuous improvement.

Enacted April 1, 2009
Inquiries: Privacy Policy Manager, RIKEN GENESIS Co., Ltd.
Tel: 045-521-8781 Fax: 045-521-8786


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