[Cat.# B013](Old Cat.# BAV012)F-PHFA BRAF/NRAS Mutation Kit


Primer mix solution and 2 standard DNA plates (24 samples/kit)

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This product is a reagent kit for the detection of mutations in the BRAF and NRAS gene from arbitrary human genomic DNA samples. PCR is performed with two primer mix, which amplifies the gene regions of interest, and differences in base sequence between the PCR amplicons and fluorenscence-labeled double-stranded standard DNA are detected by FRET-based Preferential Homoduplex Formation Assay (F-PHFA).

*We can also provide customized kits for specific combinations of mutations. Please contact us for details.
*For Research Use Only. Not intended for diagnostic.


• Detects mutations in BRAF and NRAS with a high sensitivity
• Analysis completed in only 2 steps (3 hours)
• Good data reproducibility, even with degraded genomic samples
• Capable of analyzing purified genomic DNA samples as small as 20 ng

*F-PHFA developed by RIKEN GENESIS is a Robust Technology for gene mutation analysis. F-PHFA minimizes data inaccuracy caused by manual operation errors in traditional methods.

Compatible devices

This kit has been confirmed to be compatible with following real-time PCR devices.
Bio-Rad CFX96 / ABI 7500 FastDx / Roche LightCycler 480 system II

*Please contact us to inquire about using this kit with other devices.

Mutations detected

BRAF mutations

Amino Acid Change Base Change

NRAS mutations

Amino Acid Change Base Change

Standard DNA plate

Each standard DNA plate can be used to analyze up to 12 samples (including one negative control). The F-PHFA reaction reagent is dried down into each well of the standard DNA plate, meaning that sample preparation simply consists of dispensing the PCR amplicons directly into the wells The standard DNA plates can be cut apart so that only the rows required for the number of samples.

Standard DNA plate

Instructions for kit use

Analysis can be performed in only 3 hours, from the PCR reaction to detection, using a real-time PCR device.

*This kit does not include Taq polymerase or other PCR reaction reagents. Please use commercially available products. (Recommended product:TaKaRa Taq™ Hot Start Version)

Please contact us if you have any questions

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