Introducing our Businesses

Among advances in the field of genomic medicine, single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) research has attracted the most attention in recent years. RIKEN GENESIS has been established as a RIKEN venture company to take over the technologies developed by RIKEN, which acted as an international driving force for this research.
SNP genotyping serves as the technological basis of research aimed at understanding the causes of diseases at the genetic level, and of research into pharmacogenomics. As such, there is widespread demand for this technology for use by medical facilities, as well as research institutes and companies - both in Japan and around the world.
In order to establish a certain path to the realization of personalized medicine, RIKEN GENESIS is using state-of-the-art technology to explore a total of 6 billion base pairs.

Contract Genetic Analysis Service Business

Utilize the technologies and infrastructure acquired from RIKEN and provide cutting-edge genetic analysis technologies (particularly SNP genotyping technology) to research organizations and companies in Japan and overseas.

SNP Analysis Systems Business

Actively promote the introduction our jointly developed COMPRESSED genetic analysis system with the aim of practical use in diagnostic applications.


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