iScan System

The iScan Reader, a high-performance optical detection system, not only greatly reduces the scanning time required but also provides high quality with a high level of reproducibility. At RIKEN GENESIS we use the LIMS system, iScan and Autoloader 2 to enable efficient sample tracking, operation management, and data calculation for even large-scale projects. Using the iScan Reader and Autoloader 2 means a scanning time of 7 min for each sample on a 610-Quad chip, so that 288 samples and approximately 170 million SNPs can be scanned automatically overnight.

BeadXpress Reader System

The BeadXpress Reader system is a high-throughput, dual-color laser scanning system that enables scanning of a broad range of assays using VeraCode digital microbead technology. The device swiftly and efficiently obtains the ID etched on VeraCode microbeads and the intensity of fluorescence from samples.


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