QuanDx Fusion Genes Screening Kit

QuanDx is a molecular diagnostics pioneer developing technologies and products for a variety of clinical applications.


  • Multiplexing: simultaneous detection of 6 fusion genes with 35 fusion variants
  • Compatible with current real-time qPCR instruments
  • Rapid results within 2 hours
  • Cost effective: a fraction of the cost of FISH
  • Easy to perform for routine screening


Leukemia Fusion Gene

  • Leukemia Fusion Genes (Q30) Screening KitTechnical details

  • AML Q-Fusion Screening KitTechnical details

  • ALL Q-Fusion Screening KitTechnical details

  • Q-Fusion Midi Screening KitTechnical details

Lung Cancer

  • Lung Cancer ALK/ROS1/RET Testing PanelTechnical details

  • EML4-ALK Fusion Gene DetectionTechnical details

For Research Use Only. Not intended for use in diagnostic procedures


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