LBx® Probe Probes for Liquid biopsy

LBx® Probe

  • 【2017.07.13】 Poster presentation in 25th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Breast Cancer Society
  • 【2016.10.13】 Poster presentation in 78th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Hematology
  • 【2016.10.07】 Poster presentation in 75th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Cancer Association
  • 【2016.09.12】 Oral presentation in 13th Asian Society for Neuro-Oncology (ASNO) Annual Meeting/9th CONGO Annual Scientific Meeting
  • 【2016.04.07】 Poster presentation in Molecular Diagnostic Europe 2016
  • 【2016.03.07】 Poster presentation in Molecular Medicine Tri-Con 2016
  • 【2016.03.06】 Product release of LBx® Probe


Patient derived fluid based molecular diagnostics, or Liquid Biopsy, is generating significant attention because cancer originating cell-free DNA found in the blood stream can indicate current tumor status. The highly sensitive and specific Digital PCR (dPCR) is one of the promising technologies for Liquid Biopsy and would provide an absolute count of target molecules. Here, we develop genetic mutation detection probe mixes specific for dPCR.

  • Very high target specificity giving minimal false positive results
  • Validated by dPCR
  • Small amplicon size


20x probe/primer mix

A single tube for the 50 reactions (scale for 20 μl/reaction)

Three categories

  • Mutation Detection: 93 mutations
  • Copy Number : 23 genes
  • RNA Expression : 3 kinds

*at the time on 2016/03

Quality Control

  • Equipment:Droplet Digital PCR™ (QX200)
  • QC:10 copies of mutant plasmid in wild type Human gDNA

Seminar and Poster

  • A Development of BRAF, NRAS, MEK1 mutation screening assay as possible prognostic and predictive tools for metastatic melanoma using digital PCR platform, Molecular Diagnostics Europe 2016

Probe list

Gene Target Cat.# (Old Cat.#)
AKT1 E17K A084 (65119)
CNV A104 (65501)
AKT2 CNV A105 (65502)
ALK T1151ins A085 (65120)
L1152R A066 (65101)
C1156Y A067 (65102)
I1171T A068 (65103)
F1174L A069 (65104)
V1180L A070 (65105)
L1196M A071 (65106)
G1202R A072 (65107)
S1206Y A073 (65108)
G1269A A074 (65109)
Multi1 A089 (65125)
Multi2 A090 (65126)
Multi3 A091 (65127)
L1198F A101 (65137)
CNV A106 (65503)
AP3B1 CNV (Reference) A122 (65519)
APOB CNV (Reference) A123 (65520)
AQP5 CNV (Reference) A124 (65521)
AR CNV A109 (65506)
BRAF V600 Screen1(Screen1) A095 (65131)
CNV A169 (65527)
CCND1 CNV A110 (65507)
CDK4 CNV A111 (65508)
CDK6 CNV A112 (65509)
cMET CNV A108 (65505)
CTNNB1 CNV A113 (65510)
EFTUD2 CNV (Reference) A174 (─)
EGFR C797S1 A176 (─)
C797S2 A177 (─)
R451C A187 (─)
S492 Screen A178 (─)
G465 Screen A179 (─)
T790M A075 (65110)
C797S Multi A083 (65118)
S492R1 A102 (65138)
S492R2 A103 (65139)
CNV A173 (65531)
ESR1 Y537N A078 (65113)
Y537S A079 (65114)
D538G A080 (65115)
E380Q A081 (65116)
Y537/D538 Multi (ESR1 Multi1) A082 (65117)
Y537 Screen (ESR1 Screen1) A086 (65121)
CNV A120 (65517)
FGFR1 CNV A114 (65511)
FGFR2 CNV A115 (65512)
FGFR3 CNV A116 (65513)
HER2 S310 Multi A180 (─)
L755 Multi A181 (─)
V777L A186 (─)
V842I A182 (─)
CNV A172 (65530)
IDH1 R132 Screen A097 (65133)
IDH2 R172 Screen A099 (65135)
IGF1R CNV A170 (65528)
IGF2R CNV A171 (65529)
KIT L576P A188 (─)
K642E A189 (─)
CNV A166 (65524)
KRAS G12/G13 Screen A183 (─)
A59/Q61 Screen A184 (─)
CNV A107 (65504)
MEK1 C121/G128 Screen A094 (65130)
CNV A117 (65514)
NRAS Q61 Screen(NRAS Screen1) A096 (65132)
G12/G13 Screen A185 (─)
CNV A167 (65525)
PDGFRA CNV A118 (65515)
PIK3CA E545 Screen(PIK3CA Screen1) A087 (65123)
H1047 Screen(PIK3CA Screen2) A088 (65124)
CNV A119 (65516)
PMP22 CNV (Reference) A125 (65522)
ROS1 G2032R A077 (65112)
RPP30 CNV (Reference) A121 (65518)
SMO D473H A076 (65111)
TOP3A CNV (Reference) A126 (65523)
VEGFA CNV A168 (65526)


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