GenDx HLA typing SBT/NGS

RIKEN GENESIS distributes GenDx products and AlleleSEQR in Japan.

GenDx is a pioneer in the area of sequencing-based typing (SBT) and next generation sequencing (NGS)
GenDx develops innovative, certified diagnostic products, providing crucial information for patient-tailored treatments in and beyond transplantation therapy.

Offering a comprehensive line of In Vitro diagnostic tests and services, analysis software and education:


  • The powerful software solution for complete tissue typing.


  • SBT reagents for High Resolution HLA Typing


  • The Ultimate Software Tool for NGS HLA-Typing


  • NGS-go® reagents are your perfect partner for Next Generation Sequencing HLA typing.


  • Sharing knowledge creates knowledge, from which patients will ultimately benefit.

For Research Use Only.


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