About Personalized Medicine

In recent years, the "Personalized Medicine Project(*)" and similar research projects have begun to reveal the relationships between genes and disease, as well as the relationships between genes and the efficacy and side effects of drugs. RIKEN GENESIS has launched a range of initiatives to apply the results of this research in clinical settings.
RIKEN GENESIS is collaborating with RIKEN and Toppan Printing on the joint development of a fast desktop system for SNP genotyping, which is being utilized in clinical research.

(*)The "Personalized Medicine Project" involves the collection of DNA and serum samples from 300,000 people in a biobank and their use to reveal the relationships between SNPs (differences in individual genes) and drug efficacy and side effects, as well as to investigate the relationship between genetic differences and disease, with the aim of laying the foundations for personalized medicine.

For details, see the BioBank Japan website.

Medical treatment matched to the individual's physical constitution and medical condition: Personalized medicine

What is personalized medicine?: Just as some individuals can drink large amounts of alcohol with little effect while others become quickly intoxicated, there are also individual differences in the effectiveness of drugs. These individual differences result mainly from genetic differences, which include both natural traits inherited from one's parents and cases where changes occur relatively suddenly, such as if one has cancer. In recent years, it has become possible to understand what side effects a drug will have and whether or not it will be effective by investigating these genetic differences. Making a diagnosis and selecting drugs or treatment approaches matched to a given person's physical constitution and medical condition is referred to as "personalized medicine." The realization of personalized medicine will decrease the burden on the patient and eliminate needless medical costs, contributing to a better society.


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