How We Handle Personal Information

Please fill out the “E-Inquiry Form” after understanding and consenting to the notice below as to how we handle personal information included in your inquiry.

Notice regarding the obtaining of personal information

RIKEN GENESIS Co., Ltd. will handle your personal information such as family and first names and e-mail addresses (hereinafter "personal information") entered into the inquiry form as described below.

1. Purpose of use of personal information

From the standpoint of protection of personal information, RIKEN GENESIS will use personal information sent through the inquiry form only for the purpose of performing services commissioned to us.

2. Providing information to third parties

RIKEN GENESIS will not provide personal information to third parties outside of RIKEN GENESIS, with the exception of cases where we have your consent or in conformity to laws and regulations.

3. Entrusting personal information to external contractors

The handling of your personal information regarding the inquiry form will not be entrusted externally.

4. Voluntary provision of information and scope of provided services

In cases where you are unable to enter responses to the fields marked " * " on the inquiry form, you will not be able to use our commissioned and other services.

5. Obtaining information by methods difficult to be recognized by the individual

We do not make use of cookies or similar methods on the inquiry form.

6. Safe management of personal information

As to personal information obtained through the inquiry form, we will put in place necessary and appropriate measures to prevent and correct unauthorized disclosure, loss, or damage, and to carry out other safe management of personal information.

7. Inquiries regarding personal information

RIKEN GENESIS responds to requests for notification of purpose of use; disclosure; correction, supplement, and deletion of content; discontinuation and deletion of use; discontinuation of provision to third parties ("disclosure, etc.") of personal information subject to disclosure upon request from you personally. Please contact us at the information below to request disclosure, etc.

8. Chief Privacy Officer and inquiries regarding issues and disclosure, etc. regarding personal information

Privacy Policy Manager, RIKEN GENESIS Co., Ltd.
Tel: 03-5759-6041 (Hours: 9:00-17:00) Fax: 03-5759-6043

See here for Riken Genesis' Privacy Policy.

If you have understood and consent to how we handle personal information, please select the button below and proceed with your inquiry on the next page.



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