October 15, 2007 Corporation established
October 29, 2007 Approved by RIKEN as a RIKEN venture company
April 2008 Laboratories established within RIKEN Yokohama Institute and genotyping work launched
August 2008 Illumina CSPro approval received
June 2009 Launched the next generation sequencing services
June 2009 Established RIKEN GENESIS Good Laboratory Practice (RG-GLP) based on the GLP ordinance for pharmaceuticals, and began providing genetic analysis services for drug development
December 2009 Acquired Marketing Authorization Holder License for Second-Class Drugs (in vitro diagnostics) and Second-Class Medical Devices
May 2010 Received College of American Pathologists (CAP) accreditation
August 2010 Licensing of Manufacturing (Labelling category, IVD)
September 2010 Licensing of Whole Selling (IVD)
November 2010 ISO13485 Certified
June 2011 Licensing of Manufacturing (General category, IVD)
Licensing of sales and lease business for specially controlled medical devices
September 2012 Licensing of Marketing Authorization Holder (IVD for animal use)
Licensing of Manufacturing (IVD for animal use)
Licensing of Whole Selling (IVD for animal use)
October 2014 Registered in clinical laboratory
April 2015 CLIA(Clinical Laboratory Inprovement Amendments) Certified


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